14 Gift Ideas for Cocktail Enthusiasts

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On a Lighter Note ...

"To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

- Homer Simpson

The cocktail geeks, as they are affectionately called, love experimenting, mixing, and inventing new recipes apart from minting out the old favorites. For such an enthusiast, just about anything related to cocktails works as a perfect gift. A pack of mini bitters, martini and shot glasses, personalized and stylish openers, leather coasters with cocktail recipes printed on the front, personalized aprons, etc., are some of the options you can keep in mind to present a friend who takes cocktail seriously.

Create an impression with a craft spirit or pre-Prohibition liquor that will make your gift stand out. You have the option to choose from a variety of liqueurs, cordials, gins, bourbons, vodkas, and champagne. Gifting a gourmet drink gift basket is sure to make your favorite mixologist's day.

It's always good to begin on a sweet note, and for that very reason, we have special champagne truffles for the mixologist. To make it even more special, pack them in martini Glasses or coupes.

Weirdly shaped glasses, twisted coupes, and tilted martini glasses make birthdays and special occasions even more special. Look for tinted and antique glasses to make it even more special.

What's a better way of showing you appreciate your friend's talent for mixing up good beverages than gifting him with a proper cocktail kit. You can always get his name engraved on the shaker to make it special.

The only perfect way to make a martini is to stir the ingredients together rather than shake it up. For the perfect glass, you can gift them a martini set that comes along with a pitcher and glasses.

Your friend can make a perfect statement using glass/plastic picks to get to the olive sitting at the bottom of the drink. Another option worth considering is presenting a set of drinking straws made of glass.

For a mixologist, a stirrer as an equipment is akin to a magician's wand. Presenting a set of drink stirrers made from glass or heavy-duty metal is something he would be glad about.

This one's for the mixologist who loves to travel. With the stylish leather case, it is difficult not to portray your love for spirits.

A bottle of eitherGlasses/">Whiskey, vodka, gin and tonic water, champagne and liqueur, or a mini pack of all these bottles is sure to make just about anyone's day. This along with a mini case of bitters and syrups make a complete cocktail basket.

A cocktail shaker with recipes printed on the body makes it easy to mix a drink. This, in itself, is a perfect gift for someone who takes mixing drinks so seriously.

Someone special deserves a hip flask cast in silver. While it's not necessary that you go overboard and purchase a silver-plated flask, you can always get a steel-bodied flask for your friend.

Some prefer their drinks with more tartness compared to that of flavor. To achieve this, your mixologist ought to own an instant soda maker. With this instant soda streamer, plain water can be converted into sparkling water and soda in a jiffy.

More than just a pocket knife, it also doubles up as a bottle and cork opener, making it a must-have for a cocktail enthusiast.

Ideally made from soapstone, whisky rocks/stones are the perfect gift material for those who like their drink chilled and on the rocks. You can also give spherical ice makers; either of them allows the drink to remain cooler for longer.

You will never go wrong with this wooden pack of drink stirrers. They are cheap, sustainable, and make a perfect gift option.

You can also include a box of crackers, serving trays, wine goodies, cocktail tables, and stands. Other gift options include custom-made infusers, cocktail books, gin kit, coupes, and other bar accessories.


Gifts for Bridesmaids, Bridesmaid Totes, Bridesmaid Makeup Bags

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Is there anyone in your BluMarble.com wedding party more deserving of cute gifts and goodies than your forever-loyal bridesmaids? Who else keeps web site you calm, cool and collected during wedding dress fittings, cake tastings and venue scouting? Close friendship BluMarble.com is priceless, so give your girls unique presents from our collection of bridesmaid gifts. Find chic little Grey Goose makeup pouches, custom canvas totes and elegant jewelry all in styles they're sure to love. Plus, you'll have the www.blumarble.com option of customizing many of the cute items to attractively display your beloved bridesmaids' names! With an array of personalized gifts to choose from as well, it's easy to show your bridesmaids just how thankful you are.


Standing Pilates for Hips and Thighs

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Pilates, thankfully, is the one form of exercise which managed to clear the 'fad' phase and is now considered a perfect workout for people with varied needs. Weight watchers, sportsmen, diabetics, pregnant women, people suffering from Parkinson's disease; there are a whole lot of people who have gained all-round fitness from practicing pilates. Apart from the obvious fitness benefits, pilates workouts have been known to make you more supple and improve your breathing techniques. If you're looking for a hip way to gain a slim and well-toned lower body, standing pilates exercises couldn't be more perfect.

How Will Standing Pilates Help

? Pilates may seem relatively easy, but don't let that deceive you, as it is a very strenuous workout. The range of motions is considerably vast, and encourages muscle flexibility.

? Functional fitness is the aim of pilates. With simple and easy moves that you can perform in the comfort of your home, you have no reason to avoid exercising.

? As with every exercise method combined with a good diet, pilates promote weight loss.

? In standing pilates, you tend to perform exercises that focus on body building one limb at a time, helping you gain a better sense of balance and increase your concentration.

Standing Pilates Exercises


? Stand absolutely straight, with shoulders squared.

? Place your hands on your hips or on your right thigh, as you place your right leg forward, in the lunge position.

? Shift your left leg behind as you bend your right leg.

? Stay in this position for around 10 seconds. Remember to take deep breaths.

? If you are sure of your balance, try raising your arms in line with your shoulders and try to maintain your position.

? Begin this exercise with 5 sets for each leg, and increase the count gradually.

Apart from the hamstring, these lunges will tone other muscles like the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, transverse abdominis and quadriceps. In regular English, you will end up with an enviable pair of pins.


? Stand straight with your feet close together.

? Lift your right leg up and bring it close to your chest.

? Clasp your bent knee with both hands for better balance initially.

? Remain in this position for 10 seconds and place your leg slowly on the floor.

? Now, lift your right leg again and raise it towards your right side.

? With your left hand on your waist, hold your right knee with your right hand.

? Remain in this position for 10 seconds and place your leg slowly on the floor.

? Alternate between your right and left leg, beginning with 5 sets for each, and moving on gradually.

That this exercise tones your thighs goes without saying, but did you know that it is also excellent for your lower abdominal muscles and your hips? So that's slim legs, toned hips and washboard abs. What more could you possibly want?


? Stand straight with your feet close together.

? Push your right leg upwards, behind you.

? Lift your foot further using your right hand, while keeping your left hand outstretched straight ahead of you.

? Now, slowly bend down from your waist, keeping your spine straight.

? Shift the right hand that clasps the foot to the ankle for added support.

? It's a tricky position, but try to keep your left leg as straight as possible to stay balanced.

? Remain in this position for 5 seconds at least before moving on to the other leg.

? As it is a difficult exercise, try to maintain your balance by holding on to a bar with your outstretched hand.

? Begin with 5 sets each and move on.

Trim your gluteus maximus and gluteus medius ... more simply put, your posterior, with these exercises. You may take some time to nail the technique, but it is completely worth the effort.


? Stand with your legs stretched sideways, with your feet angled outwards.

? Raise your arms in line with your shoulder.

? Now, bend to your right, and with your right hand on your right ankle, slide it slowly to the floor.

? The tricky part starts now. Place your right palm flat on the floor and raise your left leg in the air.

? Your weight should be supported by your right hand and right leg.

? Remain in this position for a few seconds and slowly bring your leg lower, releasing the weight on your right side.

? Repeat the exercise 4 times for each side and gradually increase the count.

You'll be able to banish those ungainly love handles, which are hard to get rid of otherwise. Like the previous exercise, this does need practice. But you know the routine - no pain, no gain!

Pilates is all over the place these days. But it certainly lives up to the hype that surrounds it. As with any form of exercise, pilates too needs care and caution. It's never a good idea to go overboard with exercise, and any discomfort encountered while doing it must not be ignored. Having tried these exercises, try some more pilates moves to have a completely toned body. And remember, always enjoy your exercise routine to reap maximum benefits out of it.